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Plant Service Design Consultation

Interior Plant Service Design Consultation

  • Protect and enhance your image
  • Add beauty and warmth to the environment
  • Help hide or enhance an architectural feature
  • Draw attention to a company name or logo
  • Divide a space, add privacy, direct traffic
  • Absorb background noise
  • Research proves that plants improve morale, reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, and help clean the air of indoor pollutants
Plant Service Design Consultation

Plants and Containers – Sales and Leasing

Whether you choose live indoor plants or the highest-quality silk plants, we give you the option of purchasing them outright or leasing them. If you choose to buy, your guaranteed maintenance is a separate monthly cost, while if you lease, the cost of maintenance is included in your monthly expenditure.

Whether your décor calls for designer styles in ceramic, wood or fiberglass, or if you prefer the cost-effective alternative of cast polypropylene or baskets, we have the containers to meet your needs.

Plant Service Design Consultation

Maintenance Service with Free Replacements

All our clients have to do is enjoy their plants. Our plant maintenance service provides complete care of the plants. At each visit, our technician will:

  • Check the moisture level in soil and apply water as needed
  • Clean and dust each plant
  • Trim or remove any brown or yellowing leaves
  • Remove debris from pots
  • Prune as necessary for size and shape control
  • Apply fertilizer on a regularly scheduled basis to maintain vitality of the plants
  • Perform disease and insect control as needed (using safest methods available)
Plant Service Design Consultation

Free Replacements

We will replace, free of charge, any plant which dies or becomes unattractive, except when due to conditions beyond our control. Such conditions include, but are not limited to: vandalism, extremes of heat and cold, extended periods of low light, fumes or chemical damage, and acts of God. Plants are replaced with the same, or comparable, plants of equal value. We do have a pesticide applicator’s license, but we typically choose to use products that are non-toxic; we went “green” way before it was fashionable to do so.

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Holiday Decorating

Take the stress out of decorating for the holidays or for a special event. Share your vision with us, or let our designers provide the inspiration, and we’ll develop a design you’re sure to love. Whether for your home or business, we’ll take care of the details for you.

Seasonal Holiday Decorating

  • Winter holidays, trees, wreaths, poinsettias, lights
  • Spring flower displays, Easter bunny scenes
  • Fall leaves, pumpkin patch, harvest
  • Summer time, beach, palm trees

Commercial Leasing

Let us show you how a 36-month lease of your holiday decorations is both cost-effective and a guarantee your display is always fresh from year to year. We’ll even store your display for you.

Exterior Garden Design and Installation


We have the ability to help you with your exterior garden needs. From large projects to small, we can help you. Let us show you the latest technology for water-wise gardening.

Patio and Container Plantings:

Patios are our specialty. We can create any theme — Zen, tropical, Mediterranean, English garden, succulent garden, etc. — through the use of plants, water features, furniture, containers and more.

For Interior Designers

Let us take the headache out of using plants in your designs. We’ll work with you and your clients to choose just the right plants and containers, and then we’ll deliver the plants on approval. We install the plants in self-watering pots or provide our guaranteed maintenance service. We’ll make you look good.

Give us a call today about your next project.

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